Chainsaw Man and My Hero Academia were among the best anime of 2022, but while the The story of the rising heroes of Yuei High School continues with the second cour of Season 6 Airing this winter, the adventure of Public Safety's devil hunters has come to an end.

If there's one thing that excites the fandom the most, it's the imaginary clashes between the protagonists of the different manga series. This time, Deku and Denji join the debate that has ignited the net. Who would win the battle between the two main protagonists of My Hero Academia and Chainsaw Man? At the bottom of the article is a fan-made clip of a user imagining this hypothetical clash.

Ultimately, fans seem to agree Battle between the chainsaw man and Deku the protagonist of My Hero Academia would win. According to the community's opinions, there would be no history between the two in terms of sheer power, speed, and available skills.

users are sure a single Detroit Smash would be enough for Deku to win against the Chainsaw Man and that the boy wouldn't even have to show all the various quirks that are included in his One For All.

But let's not forget that Denji can be brought back to life by drinking blood and which could hypothetically restart the attack indefinitely. Deku, however, would never be caught off guard thanks to his sense of danger and would respond punch by punch. Do you think he has a better chance of surviving in a battle between the hero of My Hero Academia and the anti-hero of Chainsaw Man? That's how strong the protagonist of My Hero Academia is.

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