The narrative arc set in the land of Wa is not only one of the longest-lasting and important for revelations and events of the pirate epic conceived by Oda, but is also characterized by a unique setting in which the Mugiwara received equally special designs, such as that of Sanji, the was perfectly recreated in a recently released statue.

As you can see in the post posted below by @MundoKame, Dream Studio has created a majestic and magnificent statue dedicated to the Straw Hat Pirate Chef, portraying him with the eccentric yellow and white yukata holding a can in a pose the hand that can be seen in both the manga and the animated implementation. On a scale of 1: 4 for a height of approx. 52 centimeters and a price of 332 eurosThe statue in question also has a very detailed base and fits perfectly with Wano's atmosphere.

Flanked by the Sanji figure was also shown a small chest with two miniature devil fruits, especially Luffy's gom gom fruit and the foco foco eaten by Ace and after his death by Sabo. A sworn tribute to the three brothers that fans can already pre-order on the Octopus Studio website a price of 38 euros.

Recall that the emperors showed their power in chapter 1013 and we leave you to a loyal cosplay dedicated to Luffy.

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