In anticipation of the official debut of Infinite Frontier, which will take place in the summer, the Zero Volume released in the last few hours has started the new great event. Dc comics. This series will consider an incredible number of heroes and bring them back to their status quo or even back to life.

On the pages of DC Infinite Frontier # 0 we discover them Role assigned to Barbara Gordon, ready to step back into action as Batgirl or take on the role of oracle by helping his comrades from afar.

While Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain act as the two new Batgirls on the scene, Oracle leads their actions. During a conversation with Helena Bertinelli, also known as Huntress, Barbara explains that it's nice to be behind the computer again because she can be so "anywhere" that her old costume would never allow. But as you explained, it hasn't yet put the cloak on the nail.

According to the words of the author James Tynion IV, Barbara Gordon will embark on a new path that she will have very interesting implications. ""In all fairness, the plans we have for Oracle and the characters in its orbit are great. One thing we wanted to do was get Barbara back to the center of the Batman myth. She is the main character for Batman, Jim Gordon and Dick Grayson. It's at the forefront and at the heart of it all".

Infinite Froniter, the new DC Comics series, starts with a bang, a famous villain has lost his life. In the meantime, check out all the details on DC Infinite Frontier here.

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