You should take a look at the attic, garage, or library as you may have some papers on your hands without even realizing it Pokémon which are of inestimable value today. Recently the market for the famous trading card game has intensified and purchases have been made with numbers up to six zeros.

A few weeks ago, Pikachu Illustrator landed in Italy after an unusual Pokémon card swap. For those who actually don’t know, the latter is is considered the holy grail of the trading card gameHowever, there is much more on the market that is very valuable. We’re talking about that Pokemon Box Set Base First Edition Booster Sealed, in this case in English, was recently auctioned off thanks to one of the events organized by the American company Heritage Auctions.

Specifically, the package contains 36 packages of 11 cards each for a total of 396 potential mines as the package is sealed Possibility of all or almost all of them being GEM MINT it is very high. “”These boxes are skyrocketing in price“says Heritage Auctions, just keep in mind that the auction ended at $ 298,000 on a sale last November. Also, 52 people tried to get hold of this extraordinary item during that session. Collectible.

However, it seems that the box is not meant to remain in the hands of its owner as long as he has already put the box back on sale, albeit at a higher purchase price. about 387 thousand euros. So what do you think of this purchase instead? Let us know with a comment below. But as for the famous game, did you see what happened to the man who tried to steal Pokémon promo cards?

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