Predictably, Toyotaro managed to excite the community of Dragon Ball Super Publication of only a few tables from Chapter 68, with which the new manga saga officially opens. We already got to know part of Granolla's past that brought back an old acquaintance.

If you don't know what we are referring to, refer you to the table that lists Bardak in Chapter 68. We have therefore learned this in the previews published by the Sensei designs Granolla is the last survivor of the Ceruleans, a race that became extinct after an Oozaru-shaped attack by the Saiyans who set fire to and weighed down the entire planet, even when everything was done on orders from Freeza.

Thanks to a special shot, we discover that it was Bardak who destroyed the house of the mysterious individual and, probably, killed his family as well. The flashback was too short to be summarized, but given the sequence on Goku's father shown at the beginning Dragon Ball Super: Broly We are curious to see whether or not Bardak, who portrayed himself as a father rather than a hero in the film, killed Granolla's family. What seems certain, however, is that the alien can somehow detect this same bloodline between Bardak and Goku Creation of pretexts for the protagonist to face his past and this character, about whom he knows almost nothing.

The requirements for a story arc that exceeds expectations are all there, and the basics provided point to a really interesting story. And you, how will Goku deal with the legacy his father left with the destruction of the Ceruelans? Let us know with a comment below.

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