The first episodes of The attack of the titans 4 They focused their efforts on delineating the socio-political situation in Marley, the nation that, thanks to the power of the giants, has the most powerful armed force in the world at the moment. However, as became clear in the first episode, this dominance is no longer so obvious.

The Tybur family, who actually always pulled the strings from Marley behind the scenes, have finally thrown the mask and taken the field through the form of their master to reveal the impending war to the whole world.

""Yesterday's enemies will be tomorrow's friends"With that simple statement, we can sum up the nation of Marley's intention to join those with whom they have always fought - and vanquished - to face the mighty common enemy. Lord Tybur is forced to reveal the truthhow the past is nothing more than a distortion of the facts. King Fritz, who was in control of the Founder, was fed up with the constant fighting and deaths that had raged in the ranks of the Empire of Eldia for years. The angry king decided to commit treason and conspire with the Tybur family to do it Legend of the hero Helos To lead Marley's nation to rebellion and save the world from destruction.

The only pact Fritz demanded in return was not to be disturbed in order to have the opportunity to live in peace with the surviving Eldians within the colossal walls erected on the island of Paradis for the occasion. Then, thanks to the founder's power, he erased and proclaimed the memories of all its residents Oath to renounce war, a kind of rule that was inserted into the founder's code to prevent his successors from waging another war with this power.

After Lord Tybur reveals reality, he uses it in his favor to establish a common sentiment among ambassadors around the world:I hate paradise and on his most dangerous enemy, Eren Jeager.

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