Saitama's physical abilities are second to none. He is known as the protagonist of One punch man passed the exam in this subject with full marks. The problem, however, is that his IQ test wasn't enough to propel him into the upper ranks, making him a C-class hero.

The beginning of the story in One-Punch Man therefore had him as a low-level hero, barely worthy of helping an old lady across the street. Things have changed with the passage of time and with the numerous fights he has participated in, becoming a B-class hero in the famous monster saga. The encounter with Garou marked the end of this phase and so on Saitama was able to take another step forward.

In the final Chapter 172 of One-Punch Man, a homeless Saitama was welcomed into the Hero's Fortress, which, however, only welcomes those with an A rank or higher. And that's exactly how it was officially made Saitama reached rank A position 39 in the list of heroes, becoming one of the strongest in the organization. Of course there is still a long way to go, because the goal is to aim for the S rank, the highest.

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