The announcement of the return of the Adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki and Shinigami of Soul Society with a new anime series that will explore the Millennial War surprised many fans of bleaching, a work signed by Master Tite Kubo, which ended in August 2016 with 74 volumes.

The release of the spin-off Burn The Witch and the numerous interviews recently conducted with Kubo have revived the passion of many fans who, in the face of the two protagonists, have begun to speculate about the possible developments of the second season of the London-based series Noel and Ninny are actually witches that they work for the western branch of the Soul Society.

Kubo himself has actually confirmed that the adventures depicted in the two series take place in the same universe and that there will be no shortage of Easter eggs related to Bleach in the future. Until an exact release date is announced for the anime dedicated to the Millennial War Some members of the community created the Outside club, a Bleach fan club that will be closed in a year. To announce, it was user @otakucalendarjp with the post you can find below where he emphasizes that it could be a special initiative on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the series.

Recall that the connection between Rangiku and Gin came to life in a beautiful cosplay and we leave you to an analysis of the techniques of the mighty Quincy.

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