Hiro Mashima, writer of Shonen series that are highly valued by fans, such as fairy taleand the newer EDENS ZERO has a unique style of portraying the action and fight scenes that the protagonists are very often involved in, and in a recent interview he decided to reveal his drawing goals.

In the post at the bottom of the page, user @ 11thDoctr translated and published An excerpt from the interview between the author and Animate Times, which mainly focused on the arrival of the animated version of the manga's latest work, EDENS ZERO, slated for April 10 in Japan.

Mashima himself revealed the rationale for depicting the battles, saying he didn't want to aim at something too complex, but rather imagine something a sequence of scenes and swaps that will delight younger readers. However, he then explained that the final yield depends on the development of the plot before or after the fight itself, and therefore even what he wants to communicate could experience changes in production.

Of course, fans of Mashima's works don't follow Natsu's or Shiki's adventures just to see them fight. the amount of detail that has been put into the worldsand the presence of characters with a very interesting background, and this revelation may seem obvious or mundane to some. What do you think of Mashima's words? Do you think it is right to approach the surrender of battles in this way? Please let us know in the comments section.

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