Frozen is one of Disney's newest jewels, and although nothing is known about a possible third chapter yet, the franchise continues to be debated thanks to powerful merchandising and the various manifestations of creativity available on the Internet, the last of which combines American and Japanese animation.

Frozen was so successful in Japan that a manga adaptation of the film was made. However, in the past few months we have come to know and appreciate the work of A2T will draw, a talented artist who made himself known for his special ideas that reinterpret the characters of Weekly Shonen Jump with the style of other iconic works.

His most recent effort, however, was combined the Disney images of Frozen with the gems of Jump like ONE PIECE, Dragon Ball, Naruto and even the No. 1 from Kodansha, The attack of the giants. The graph in question, which you can admire at the bottom of the news, has provided interesting food for thought ever since Elsa is reinterpreted with the signature trait of some of the world's most famous manga writers.

And instead, what do you think of this illustration, do you like the idea of ​​A2T Will Draw? As usual, let us know with a comment in the appropriate box below, but not before you've checked out Naruto with the style of ONE PIECE and Dragon Ball by the same artist.

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