The Saiyan race is often associated with the figure of barbarians, persons whose sole purpose is to win and tear their opponent apart. Indeed, apart from that, a false generalization of Dragon Ball SuperThere are respectable exceptions found in the noblest representative of the species, Prince Vegeta.

We do not know how long and enduring the Vegeta dynasty was on the planet of the same name before it was destroyed by Freeza, but it is the royal house that distinguishes the highest offices of the nobility Part of the pride of our protagonist who has at times shown his education and training in ways that seem unexpected to our eyes.

In fact, in one of the chapters of the manga, we notice a meal that is eaten together between Vegeta, Goku, Beerus and Whis. What many failed to notice in the table in question, the same one appended to the end of the messages is this The prince has taken off his glovesHe diligently folded it up and placed it on his legs as a sign of great education. Although this may seem like an insignificant detail, which is left out in the anime insteadIt is interesting to note how the dignity of his office is reflected in small gestures like these.

And then again, have you ever noticed that little element on that table in any of the chapters of Dragon Ball Super? Let us know with a comment in the appropriate box below.

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