Often times, most people miss the fact that not only is it an honor to work for Weekly Shonen Jump, as getting your work featured in the most popular magazine of the rising sun is not for everyone, but it is also a real hell. He knows well Jujutsu Kaisen That will have some incomplete tables in the new chapter.

It's not the first time a writer arrives right before the appointment for one reason or another. He knows both of them well Black cloverwho a few weeks ago had to take a week off after a chapter with a few incomplete tables My hero academia Just think about Chapter 182. Weekly serialization is often hell, an ongoing battle against very tight deadlines and with tight work rates.

This time it was on Gege Akutami, the father of Jujutsu Kaisen, fail to complete the chapter on time. A leaked table from Chapter 150 actually appears to be almost sketchy, as if the sensei didn't have time to properly pursue it. Some readers expressed serious concerns about the health of the author, who only shared a message about Jump on May 17th that read: "I made the mistake of getting sick during the break. I will try to improve.""

However, according to other users, the publication of this chapter is disrespectful to the readers of the manga as it is an incomplete problem. In either case, remember that the chapters continue Weekly shonen jump will be revised with the release of the Tankobon, which is why this sketchy page will surely be fixed in the next volume. As for you, what do you think of this side instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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