Yes since the beginning Naruto I understood that sooner or later the protagonist would come to terms with the nine-tailed fox, a creature that was sealed within him. Because of this, Naruto was marginalized by everyone with a monster I set fire to Konoha on fire and weighed down only a few years earlier.

With the arrival of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations, Kurama's change in relation to the protagonist and his family has become evident and is now an integral part of his everyday life. After all, their relationship was also key to solving the fourth great ninja war that started the seventh Hokage a hero for the leaf village. But for whatever reason Naruto in Kurama mode is yellow?

In fact, there is no official explanation either Masashi Kishimoto He was never out of whack in that regard. In contrast to the other cercoteri, which can also take physical form, on the contrary, Naruto's fox manifests itself only in its appearance with a yellow, ethereal and transparent chakra. At first it was believed that this was due to the fact that Naruto only owned half of Kurama's real bodyHowever, split in two by Minato after the clash with Obito, the two parts merge at the end of World War I and the fox returns to completion. In fact, in Boruto we see that Naruto's transformation in Kurama mode always remains the same, a symptom that it is likely a design decision, perhaps to distinguish the protagonist from all the other cercoteri. After all, there are exceptions, as we saw with the Gaara Monocoda.

Why do you think Naruto turns yellow in Fox Mode? Let us know yours with a comment below.

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