Pokémon Explorations has recently debuted in America and, as usual, the arrival on Netflix has been accompanied by several controversies. Apparently, in fact, the dubbing studio in charge of the adaptation would have taken a little too much freedom, distorting - according to some - the original work with changes to the names of different characters.

First of all, fans have complained about the choice of create a new opening theme, considered by the way not very suitable and less valid than the Japanese one. The names of some characters have then totally changed: Professor Sakuragi has become Cerise, his daughter Koharu has been renamed Chloe, the champion Dandel will be Leon and so on. Finally, fans did not appreciate the change of the name of the Pokémon World Championship tournament, which became the World Coronation Series in the dubbed version. For the rest, all the other secondary characters have taken up the names used in the video game series.

Apparently also Pokémon: Explorations, this is the title that will receive the series on the day of its debut in Italy, will receive some changes to the names of the characters, while we still do not know anything regarding the opening and the name of events and tournaments.

And what do you think of it? Would you rather see the original names or those used in the video game series? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below!

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