With five episodes currently available to stream on the Crunchyroll platform, chainsaw man can already be considered the most popular anime of the fall 2022 program. But how many weeks will the series keep us company and more importantly up to which chapter of the manga will it adapt?

For the first season of the anime, Studio MAPPA produced 12 episodes of Chainsaw Man. This choice initially caused astonishment, as it bucked the trend against the standard of 24 episodes per season. Seen and viewed technical quality of the animation studiothis choice now makes logical sense.

On November 15th, Chainsaw Man 1x06 will air, so we're offering a preview of that The anime is already halfway through. When the sixth episode is released, there are only 6 more episodes left at the end of the appointment. The programming of the last episode of Chainsaw Man is therefore planned for December 27th.

Considering the small format and analyzing the pacing that MAPPA maintains throughout the narration of the episodes, we can imagine how far the anime will go. The fifth episode of Chainsaw Man adapts to chapter 15 of the manga. On average each episode fits 3 or 4 chapters, so we can assume that season 1 of the anime series will adapt about half of the first part of the manga. The initial saga of Chainsaw Man consists of 8 arcs and the anime could cover 4. The twelfth episode should therefore end with the end of the clash between Chainsaw Man and Katana Man.

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