the master of terror, Junji Ito, has spawned countless stories filled with harrowing moments over the decades. The Master of His is known, among other things, for the famous work of the late 90s, which is meticulously detailed in our review of Uzumaki - Spiral.

The latter, one of the founders of horror manga, has influenced the general imagination and has already provided inspiration for two video games, a film and an anime. It is therefore not surprising to find it new clothing line inspired by the disturbing aesthetic of Ito, has its own official space on the web.

Halloween 2022 is long gone, but for Junji Ito, the ghost season doesn't have dates that hold up. The clothing company Culture Fly has released a new collection of articles depicting some of the most disturbing subjects to emerge from Ito's pencil. In the promotional image of the tweet below, a model with a proud grin wears a t-shirt linked to the Uzumaki franchise, among the many available in the shop. In the latter there are also socks, hats and bottles with an exquisitely dark aesthetic.

The postponement of the Uzumaki - Spiral anime saddened fans of the brand. The good thing is to be able to enjoy it terrifying debut episode 'armoured' with official shirt and sweatshirt. What do you think of this new collection? Let us know with a comment!

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