The Majo no Moribito manga is canceled

In this year's issue # 29 of the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump from the publisher Shueisha the nineteenth and last chapter of the manga will be published, written and illustrated by Asahi Sakano, Majo no Moribito. According to the magazine, this work has forced its end by having been canceled.

Sakano began publishing the manga in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in February 2020. The publisher will publish the second compilation volume in August, and the third and final volume in September.

The publisher had previously released a promotional video to commemorate the start of the manga's serialization.

Synopsis of Majo no Moribito

In a world inhabited by demons, humanity's only hope is, ironically, the inhuman power of witches. The city of Berne represents the line that divides the territory of demons with that of humans and there, with the aim of protecting it, is the witch Manasfa and the kingdom's most powerful knight, Fafner.

But what cruel fate awaits the two of them? A dark fantasy story that includes witches and knights has begun ...

Source: @WSJ_manga

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