there Release of One-Punch Man Season 3 still seems far away. For years, the public has been waiting for an anime sequel based on Murata's remake of the story of ONE. In fact, the second season of 2018 ended with many ups and downs and above all it froze in the middle of the saga, during the arc of the union of the monsters.

For now, the One-Punch Man poster for Season 3 has been officially released, starring Saitama and Garou as the protagonists, both standing with their backs to each other. Both will be important characters for the next phase, the It is not known when exactly it will arrive or by whom it will be adjusted. However, that last question has been answered, it seems.

In the last few hours, the famous Shonenleaks Twitter account, which over time has taken care of pre-disclosing some information about many manga and anime, has leaked some information. According to its sources, it looks like this One-Punch Man Season 3 is produced by Studio MAPPA. The latter have now become very famous thanks to the numerous anime productions in which they are involved, from The Attack of the Giants to Jujutsu Kaisen, through the currently running Chainsaw Man that enchants everyone.

At least according to this leak, there is an answer to the question β€œWho will take care of the One-Punch Man anime”. However, we remind you that we will have to wait for other official confirmations. However, it is already known that there will be several collaborators who have worked on the series in the past, and so MAPPA would eventually have their expertise available as well. You think it's a good choice entrust them with the development of the third season?

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