The situation was already not the best for the heroes of My hero academywho faced the villains in extreme conditions. All for One, Tomura Shigaraki, Spinner, Dabi and everyone else are very formidable opponents, and the strategy developed by the protagonists has reduced the impact of their power.

However, Kurogiri's return has undone all the good that has been created so far. However, right now the main problem is Himiko Toga, who turned into Twice and started duplicating herself. How did that happen? That My Hero Academia 375 spoilers with pictures they give an answer. In this new chapter, told almost entirely in flashback format, we switch to the far-off island where the murderous high school girl was stranded.

Himiko Toga fights Uraraka, Asui, and the other heroes while Gang Orca takes care of one of the Nomu. At the moment, however, the villain seems to be clearly at a disadvantage he doesn't want to use Twice's blood right awayOtherwise, the sad man's parade would end up on this island and would not be able to help the invasion. However, he decides to extract a vial anyway, which Asui immediately destroys. But Togaz was a trap: the liquid is a substance that attracts Nomu, and so Asui is promptly surrounded by the creatures.

The villain decides to trust Spinner and continues fighting Uraraka while waiting for the signal. But the signal arrives and after KOing Asui, Himiko Toga uses the blood of Twice to transform. The first black swirls begin to appear and the villain asks to be transported to where Hawks is to kill him. Thus begins the march of the Sad Man's Parade with hundreds of specimens in the fortune. How will the situation change for the protagonists of My Hero Academia?

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