in the Dragon Ball Super A subject very dear to the heart of the Freeza saga has returned to the fore, namely the fate of the Saiyan race. The line of protagonists was actually annihilated by Freeza, who was ready to remove any obstacle to his realm of evil from the face of the universe.

Over time, Goku has learned to accept his past and his origins and he is a very different man today than he was then. But already at the time of the Freeza saga Kakarotto He had a more mature idea of ​​the fate of his race. The notion he already demonstrated once when the protagonist, in response to the enemy who wanted to disappoint his guard by pointing out the sins of the Saiyans, replied that what happened to them was nothing more than a direct result of the killing of innocents.

A decidedly different answer than this Vegeta gave Beerus instead in Chapter 69 of Dragon Ball Super. According to the prince, the extermination of the Saiyans was nothing more than fate, a mistake made by the father who, because of his ambitions, did not hesitate to stain his hands with blood. Freeza's tyranny was nothing more than an attempt to stem the wave of destruction emanating from King Vegeta. Two different opinions that seem to distance the prince from assuming responsibility, despite the role that characterizes him within the species.

Instead, what do you think of these differences? As usual, let us know your thoughts on this with a comment below.

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