The conclusion for the Molo saga fell a few months ago, while readers were immediately thrown into the new Dragon Ball Super story. This time the protagonists are not only the Saiyans, but also Granolah and the Heeterwho have favourited Antagonists for the saga. And we will also see the birth of the most powerful warrior in the universe.

The warrior will soon be born, as the prophecy of the oracle fish in Dragon Ball Super shows. Chapter 69 seems to point to Granolah as the strongest warrior, considering that he used the Dragon Balls of the planet Cereal to summon the creature that will grant his wish. Only in Dragon Ball Super 70 will we know if the dragon will really grant this wish, but in the meantime a fan reports and already draws what might happen in the saga in the future.

Ade BW posted a drawing on Instagram that a Granolah physically more robust and muscular than what we've seen so far in Toyotaro's drawings. In his hand he holds the head of Freeza, his archenemy, but at his feet are also Goku, Vegeta and Broly, the three Saiyajins who will be the object of Granolah's revenge.

Cereal's alien has more wavy hair, while his species’s eye glows red as he smiles at the vengeance that unfolds. We're really going to see such a clash in Dragon Ball Super?

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