Auction in the land of the sun He seeks to improve himself so he can face Black Clover's ultimate enemy, who wants to subvert the established order in order to reshape the world to his liking. A being, then, that absolutely must be stopped, but it won't be easy given the amount of magic at its disposal.

Last week, Sunday 4th December 2022 to be precise, MangaPlus and Weekly Shonen Jump released - with the time zone difference due - at 4 p.m. Black Clover Chapter 345, another fundamental piece in the battle between good and evil. At that time there was no mention of a stop for the manga. However, it was a surprise leak today that there will be one.

The number 02 of the weekly Shonen jump will not see the release of Chapter 346 of Black Clover. Therefore, this week there will be an unexpected stop, but to which another one will be added: in the same message, it was announced that the manga will therefore also skip issue #03 of the magazine Black Clover 346 will be released on December 26, 2022 on Weekly Shonen Jump and MangaPlus.

It takes a good three weeks from one chapter to the next. but why Black Clover took this long unplanned hiatus? According to the first leakers who were able to get their hands on the magazine in advance and translate its message, it turned out that there were production needs, so Yuki Tabata couldn't finish the chapter and needed more time to be able to draw it.

All that remains is to wait as information continues to leak out about the anime film Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King, full of unreleased content and characters.

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