The Garou saga ended with a sensational confrontation, which, however, caught the eye once again clear superiority of Saitama against all life forms, human and divine. However, the protagonist of the manga finds himself in the midst of rubble and without a house, destroyed in the war against the monsters of the underground.

Black Sperm's return has put Saitama in a difficult position as he now has two monsters in tow. And all this causes some problems in One Punch Man 172, the new chapter of the manga drawn by Yusuke Murata, released after a month's absence. Saitama is followed by both Rover and Black Sperm, who wants to be adopted as an animal. However, the monster doesn't know that Saitama now lives in the hero condominium built by Metal Knight.

In this very complex, which welcomes all class A and S heroes, a conference is taking place to try to sell some empty apartments to the richest people in society. At this point it is explained that there are gods Robots created by Metal Knight stronger than any A-class hero and that they automatically take care of killing the monsters.

Arriving at the door, the hero of One-Punch Man obviously has the two monsters in tow, who are recognized as villains. in response, Saitama destroys several robots by making his way. The protagonist is in danger of getting into trouble over their destruction when King rushes to his aid. What will the protagonist's housing be like?

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