Berserk: is it your birthday? Celebrate it with this disturbing cake

Berserk has lasted for decades, which puts a strain on fans, especially long-time fans. Since they started the Miura manga, these have probably finished university, found a job, started a family and started to smell retirement. The luckiest ones have just started it and can still enjoy the ecstasy caused by history.

Those who have special skills in the world of fans often dedicate them also to the series, anime and manga, which have had a special place in their life. And who is a fan of Berserk despite everything loves the series regardless of the ups and downs and the serialization in alternating phases. Among these there are those who delight in presenting Darth Vader in the Hand of God and those who prepare ... cakes.

The user Reddit MercuriusMan thought to share his latest creation with a video on the popular social network, in the section dedicated to Berserk. the reason is soon revealed: as you can see from the clip below, he presented a cake based on the most famous elements of the dark fantasy world of Kentaro Miura. The dragon killer divides the upper part of the cake in half, where in the upper part we find the face of Gatsu and in the lower half there is the Japanese written by Berserk written so as to give the blood effect.

All around, however, the decorations become even more disturbing with the Behelit that triggered all the evil we witnessed in the Golden Age, together with the brand that have Gatsu and Caska. Fortunately, Pak, the elf who has accompanied the protagonist of Berserk for a long time, portrayed in one of his comic expressions, also raises the dark atmosphere. Would you serve this cake to guests for your birthday?

Berserk cake from r / Berserk

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