Many Italian voice actors often dedicate themselves to cinema and TV series. There are also those who prefer the world of anime or devote themselves to roles of all kinds. We told you about Maurizio Merluzzo or the now legendary Emanuela Pacotto. Today we propose instead the five roles of the historical voice of The Knights of the Zodiac.

Ivo de Palma was born in Naples in 1962 and since taking his first steps into the world of work with his voice he has dedicated himself almost exclusively to roles of anime, cartoons and video games. Let's see what are his five most important roles.

  • Let's start with a role where it is still active: Naruto's Gai Maito, the character who has proven to be a profound connoisseur of taijutsu. The sensei will have the voice of Ivo de Palma for a while longer since at the end of the series in Italy there are still several episodes missing.
  • We then take a step back in time with Kaede Rukawa of Slam Dunk. Hanamichi Sakuragi's rival has had this voice since the early 2000s.
  • Let's move from a series to an OAV with Jojo's Bizarre Adventures: Stardust Crusaders. Before the advent of David Production who took Araki's world back in the '10s there were short series and special episodes. Some of these landed in Italy such as those dedicated to the third series and Ivo de Palma gave the voice to Jotaro Kujo, The protagonist.
  • The fourth role that we propose to you still concerns not a series but animated films. We are talking about Devilman - The genesis, Devilman - The harpy Silen and Amon - Apocalypse of Devilman. Here too he was the protagonist Akira Fudo to have the voice of Ivo de Palma.
  • Finally his role par excellence, probably the one for which he is most famous among anime fans in Italy. The one with Seiya by Pegasus from The Knights of the Zodiac it's a collaboration that has lasted for decades and that has been reiterated in every series, special episode, film and other genre of transposition such as the recent remake of Netflix.

With many years of career behind him, of course Ivo de Palma does not stop at The Knights of the Zodiac and the few others described above. Always remaining in the anime field, we also remember that he had the role of Toki in Ken the warrior: the legend of Raoul the ruler of the sky, Mirko in Kiss me Licia and Charlie Red of Tommy the Giants star.

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