In light of the grand final battle between heroes and villains, Kohei Horikoshi has decided to dedicate the latest chapters My hero academy into one of readers' most-anticipated clashes, in which Shoto is presented with a completely out-of-control Dabi, now intent only on destroying the Todoroki family completely.

After a bracket of chapter 350 dedicated to Toya Todoroki's true past, the narrative has given way to the hatred for the villain that arose in one new and uncontrollable transformation. Meanwhile, hating his father Enji or the Pro Hero Endeavor has made Dabi an unpredictable opponent, ready to sow destruction anywhere and not hesitate even before Enji's masterpiece: his younger brother Shoto.

While this further fuels the feelings Dabi has towards the family, during the fight Shoto is forced to reflect on his father's horrific acts years ago, the hatred he felt for himself, and the constant hesitation he felt Insecurities that result from this complex relationship with family members. Despite all this worrying and fighting himself, Shoto manages to hit his brother with a devastating attack specifically created to douse his flames: Flashfire Fist Phosphorus.

Finally we leave you with the predictions related to Chapter 352 of My Hero Academia out on Sunday May 8, 2022 on Manga Plus.

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