In September 2021, Netflix presented a first trailer drive home, animated feature film by Studio Colorido, which at the time of presentation has piqued the interest of many. A few months later, the release date was finally confirmed, accompanied by a new official poster.

After the moderate success of the film Miyo - A cat love, just born out Collaboration between Netflix and Studio Colorido, the two companies will soon return with a new story that promises to be light, but at the same time full of mystery and adventure. Directed by Hiroyashi Ishida, Drifting Home is about how Kosuke, Natsume and their group of friendsDriven by a strong spirit of discovery towards a supposedly haunted apartment complex, they suddenly find themselves wrapped up in a great and inexplicable mystery.

A special feature lies in the fact that Kosuke and Natsume lived in this apartment complex years ago. This causes the protagonists to remember those moments, events or phenomena that could help them understand what will happen. After losing consciousness, all the characters and the building itself find themselves in the middle of the ocean. As indicated at the end of the trailer and on the poster shown below, the film will be released simultaneously on Netflix worldwide 09/16/2022.

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