Frank Castle receives a new limited Marvel Comics series. "Punisher" is the title of the series in 13 numbers, aims to rewrite the history of the Punisher will delve into his past to lead the character into an unprecedented future. The first novelty will certainly be through theEliminated the iconic Punisher skull logo.

In the preview of the first issue we see Frank Castle wearing a uniform with a different logo than the historical oneso deeply rooted in pop culture that it also appears on Zerocalcare's t-shirt in his animated series (here is our review of Tearing Along the Edges).

The decision to change the Punisher skull logo probably came from the Marvel's willingness to distance himself from this part of the military particularly violent Americans who have adopted the Punisher crest as their symbol in recent years. In the past, Punisher inventor Gerry Conway took action against the use of the skull by violent police officers.

The new limited Punisher series, written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Jesùs Saiz and Paul Azaceta, starts in March 2022. "I've written The Punisher over the years and was intrigued by the character of Frank Castle"explains Aaron."What moments made him a punisher before that fateful day in the park? And how far can he go to win the war that consumed his life? Spoiler: if necessary".

Below next to the cover of Punisher # 1 designed by Jesùs Saiz you will also find two pages of the preview that offer a first look at the new Punisher logo.

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