Attention! This review of chapters 6 and 7 of Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2 It's full of spoilers. We recommend that you watch the episode first, and then read it again.

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Chapter 6: The Gospel of the Virgin

Chapter 6 of Subject: Zero 2 It starts with Subaru waking up at the point of return after being killed by Elsa in the previous episode. Now the boy knows that the danger is not only inundating the "sanctuary", but the villa is also vulnerable, so he must take action on this matter. He initially confesses to everyone that he passed the first test, so he offers to follow instead of Emilia.

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Subaru's offer does not go well with Emilia, who believes she has lost the trust of the boy who accompanied and supported her in such a short time. Unexpectedly, Garfiel seems to have a completely opposite aptitude than in the past, as he opposes this option: the most convenient for everyone, and especially for the owner of the land, Roswaal, is that Emilia is the person to release the "sanctuary" barrier .

Due to everyone's refusal, Subaru decides to take a different course of action and return to the mansion alone to solve the problem with Elsa. Returning two days before the timeline expires, it appears to anticipate the assassin's actions as Subaru and Ram find the mansion safe and sound. However, the quiet does not last long because the normal process cannot be stopped so easily.

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Chapter 7: friend

Subaru enters Rem's room to protect her, but what he finds is something else: Beatrice. The Guardian brought Subaru away from certain death at just the right moment, but in the meantime she sacrificed Rem's life. Subaru can't stand the turn of events, so he asks Beatrice why she saved him, but not the others. But even Beatrice doesn't know the answer. So begins chapter 7 of Subject: Zero 2.

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Subaru is killed by Elsa in front of Beatrice and returns to the "Point of Return". This is where you decide to continue a new route and now you have more information to work with. His plan has not changed, he continues with the intention of replacing Emilia in the "Trial of the Sanctuary". However, he will not say that his own stench will play against him as he is captured by Ryuzu and Garfiel for believing he is part of the "witch cult".

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Outside Subaru's prison, all the villagers, Ram, Otto and Emilia, are desperately looking for Subaru. Otto, who saw Garfiel with Subaru before he disappeared, is bribed by the former to keep his mouth shut. What Garfiel and Subaru themselves don't expect, however, is that this young merchant will have a lot more than his money interests.

Opinion on Chapter 6 of Subject: Zero 2

Subaru has returned after a gruesome death, and now he must face the danger of haunted the mansion that has been left unprotected. That is the central theme that follows Chapter 6 of Subject: Zero 2where Subaru works around the clock to keep everyone around him safe. However, he realizes that Elsa's power cannot be taken lightly, not even for a half-human.

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As usual, Subaru will begin its mission to solve the current problem by stumbling over and over again in its decisions. Everyone around him reacts differently to different actions that the boy takes, so he has to make the most of the greatest advantage his "return from death" offers: the gathering of information.

A new route

"Return of the Dead" has happened and now Subaru must weigh the options. First, he tries a new approach that differs from his actions from the previous route: the attempt to replace Emilia with the "trial of the sanctuary". What Suburu did not expect was that this decision would not produce the expected results. Rather, you would encounter an entirely different set of events. So begins chapter 6 of Subject: Zero 2.

First, Subaru made the mistake of rushing too far by neglecting the complex feelings of his beloved Emilia. Perhaps influenced by the words he had heard from Garfiel on the last route, he believed that the best thing for the white-haired girl was to relieve her of a task that was causing her so much pain. A big mistake when you consider Emilia went out of her way to be useful and not burden Subaru with everything.

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Anyway, a tact error in dealing with Emilia could be excused given the boy's mental state. He had just learned that an old enemy would attack the mansion and the lives of its residents would be in danger. The obvious reaction would be to try to speed up the process of releasing the barrier from "Sanctuary" and bringing in capable allies to fend off Elsa. He did not expect the reaction of the boy Emilia was so concerned about, however.

A new opinion

When you intervene in a physical system with an action, you normally expect the following effects to be similar in magnitude to this action: An action causes a reaction. For example when you kick a ball. This ball reacts to the kick depending on the force exerted, both in trajectory and in speed. However, not everything works that way. There are cases in nature where a small disturbance as subtle as the flutter of a butterfly could (just could) cause something as large as a hurricane on the other side of the world.

This explanation corresponds to the famous "butterfly effect", which corresponds to the so-called chaotic systems; the chaos. These systems are not that easy to deal with because they are very difficult to predict. Examples like the weather, chance, and even the world's stock markets are ruled by chaotic systems. Why can't we predict it? The answer is painfully simple: we don't know all the details of these systems.

Subaru has to constantly interact with the chaos every time he returns from the dead. He can only see a subset of all the machines that induce each person to make a decision, so he cannot always predict the outcome of a change he will make on a route. This is evidenced by Garfiel, whose reaction took poor Subaru by surprise when he decided to exonerate Emilia on the test, as demonstrated in Chapter 6 of Subject: Zero 2.

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What caused such a change? We can't know, let alone Subaru. We can't know what is on the half-blood boy's mind, so we don't have all the details to piece the puzzle together. Perhaps on the last route he had been moved by the trust Subaru had placed in Emilia? Or do you see the young woman's tears continuously for several days? Or did he just put it comfortably when Subaru left the sanctuary to make sure he returned? Subaru will need a lot more information to understand Garfiel.

The suspect

The "sanctuary" mission was not without strange events. From the strange teleportation that Subaru made when crossing the "barrier" to the appearance of Elsa in the villa due to the presence of the group that does not want to remove the "barrier". All of this takes on a new meaning when one takes into account the so cryptic actions of Frederica, who always apologized with the existence of a pact. Does the girl have something to do with all of these events?

Subaru and Ram couldn't get anything out of him, but she was really surprised to hear what had happened in the "Sanctuary" since Subaru's group had arrived. Does she pretend to be surprised? On the other hand, one can also see how she does not notice Elsa's attack and even faces the assassin to protect the residents of the mansion. Will she be innocent of the attack too?

Given the latter, I have a few points to keep in mind: First, while she was surprised to see Elsa, she rejected Ram's escape plan and gave up Rem and Beatrice when it was the most logical and safest act. Does he have a big heart or did he want to stop Subaru, Ram and Petra from running away? Second, we never saw Elsa beat Frederica, we didn't even see the lifeless body of the beast woman, did she really face Elsa? For me, Frederica hasn't stopped being suspicious.

Opinion on Chapter 7 of Subject: Zero 2

Chapter 7 of Subject: Zero 2 begins the third route that Subaru must cover. The third chance is to fix all the problems that always cause your death and those of others. While you still have a lot of doubts about what to do, you are left to rely on using the little knowledge you have gained. However, the situation will not let you move around with the freedom that you are used to.

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The route you are about to follow is completely different from the previous ones. You have to be very careful with the small changes that cause your "return from death" as Ryuzu and Garfiel overlook no detail that threatens their plans to be free no matter how small they are. Subaru is not alone, however, as it has always relied on the strength of its friends to move forward no matter the situation.

I don't understand that

Chapter 7 of Subject: Zero 2 It starts in a heartbreaking way. Subaru fears that the situation may not be reversed as usual as Beatrice prevented an early death. Rem, Ram, Frederica and Petra have died, and Subaru's only hope to save them is to go back in time and prevent them from being killed in the first place. Another question is in the air, however: why did Beatrice save Subaru?

Apparently Beatrice has enough strength and skill to stop Elsa, but she has decided not to go into battle. Had he done so, the deaths Subaru would have witnessed would not have occurred. But Subaru knows Beatrice and the little importance she attaches to someone else's life, so he never expected her to be actively involved in the siege of Elsa. Why did he do it?

Beatrice saved neither Frederica nor Ram or Rem and not Petra. He could have done it, but he had no reason to. But did he have a reason to save Subaru then? The answer is that neither, or at least he had no objective or practical reason to save the young Japanese. Still he did. Why then? It was the question that Subaru kept yelling at Beatrice, but the guard only said one thing: I don't understand.

Beatrice was always withdrawn, always known as a person who disliked anyone else's company. Or maybe someone else, since his interest in Pack seems very different. We might think that it is Beatrice's nature: to hate people who are inferior to her. But is that Beatrice? I do not think so. We know from Subaru's "Return from Death" that Beatrice developed a liking for the boy.

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Even so, we see her repeatedly rejecting these feelings during her conversation with Subaru, to the point of regret that she let them kill her. What will be the reason for the sorceress to avoid referring to anyone to get to such a point? What is the reason a person who clearly can love chooses to distance himself from everyone?


Garfiel and Frederica's relationship doesn't seem that close. From what has been mentioned in these chapters, we can assume that this has not always been the case and that in the past they have been quite close together. Neither Frederica nor Garfiel like to talk about their past, but based on their reactions, we can imagine that each of them has very different feelings about the events that led Frederica to leave the "Sanctuary" and her dear little brother .

We don't have a lot of information about his past, but we can say that Garfiel admired his sister. As Frederica said in Chapter 6 of Subject: Zero 2She doesn't look like Garfiel, but he imitates her. And we could support this by watching the times when Garfiel's rudeness breaks and showing he's more sensitive than he wants to admit. In light of this, the question arises for me whether Frederica has been more rude in the past.

Be that as it may, Frederica must have had a very strong reason to leave the "sanctuary," and her dear little brother, by the way. And this reason cannot be different from Garfiel. Frederica left Garfiel because it was the only way to help or save her brother, and the same reason that forced her to do so also forced her to keep her distance and to shut up. In short, Frederica cannot go back to "Sanctuary" or say why to ensure Garfiel's wellbeing.

What made Frederica leave her brother? Is there someone or something behind it? If I could bet, I would bet because everything was orchestrated by Ryuzu. Since he was physically weak, he needed to control someone who was strong (and mindless), so Garfiel was the best option. Frederica was in the way, so he got rid of her. So easy. We'll see later, without my guesses being correct.


Episode 7 of Subject: Zero 2 It has two very important moments, and both are dialogues that have a very strong emotional charge. These are the moments in which Beatrice and Otto play the main roles at the beginning and at the end of the episode. Both moments show us two characters who are very similar, but also very different: two characters who can love, but have led very different lives.

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Subaru came into a very cruel and aggressive world. Wild, could be the best way to describe it. In a society with some degree of peace like the Japanese, solidarity is seen as a necessary quality for survival. In a society like the Kingdom of Lugunica, however, solidarity is a great deficiency that can lead to death. In other words, in a society with so many dangers, trusting other people could mean a knife in the back.

Otto in this sense is a person with a major defect, but also a very happy one. Viewing someone as a friend in the world he was born in couldn't be as trivial as it seemed when he named Subaru that. She doesn't know him for long and already regards him as a friend. Worse, he risked his life to get rid of his kidnapper. A kidnapper who is much stronger than him.

This shows the difference between Otto and Beatrice. Otto didn't hesitate for a moment to call Subaru a friend and to show him that the love he feels for him even exceeds his own sense of survival. Instead, Beatrice repeatedly denied her feelings for the Japanese until she let him die, even after rescuing him to show that she felt nothing for him. Although this filled her with great pain.


The arc of the "sanctuary" continues and offers us new adventures for our protagonists. Both new adventures and mishaps should be cleared up. But everything will contribute to the fact that our heroes grow more and more and thus become stronger for what is to come. This applies to both Subaru and Emilia, who have left their safety zone and must overcome all obstacles to emerge victorious no matter how high they are.

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Subaru knows that even if it's its third chance, it is only just beginning. And now she knows that not only are Garfiel and Elsa the main problems that she has to solve, but she also has to find out who hired the assassin as she knows too much. What did you think of Chapters 6 and 7? Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2?


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