A great saga came to an end a few days ago Black clover. The challenge that led the protagonists in the Kingdom of Swords to face not only the Dark Triad but also some of the strongest devils in the world ended in victory. Asta and the others are happy, but only temporarily, as a new crisis looms.

Black Clover is taking a break to prepare for the final saga whose main enemy group has just been revealed. The focus of the upcoming events will be a few characters in particular: the The first is Lucius Zogratis, older brother of the three members of the Dark Triad and who has always been seen in a wheelchair in the past, unable to move. In reality, he seems to have managed to repossess his body, perhaps making a real pact with the devil and posing as Julius Novachrono.

Next to him is Astaroth, one of the strongest devils of the last circle, i.e. the one in which the rulers of the other world live. Manipulator of time, he suddenly disappeared and his place was taken by Megicula. It was he who gave Lucius Zogratis the Magic of Time, used under the guise of Julius Novachrono.

Finally, there is Adrammelech, the devil seen several times during the final battle with Lucifer, refusing to help the latter, only to steal his heart at the end of the battle. Adrammelech remained on the watch the whole time, obeying orders from Lucius, who had been predicting this trend with certainty for some time.

Definitely Other devils will appear in the latest Black Clover story arclike the previously announced Lucifugus, but these three characters will be among the last to face the protagonists.

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