Since returning after a hiatus to cover the Tankobon edition of One-Punch Man, Yusuke Murata revealed events of great depth and surprise. Between a comedy about King, a desperate situation and secrets about secrets where almighty beings suddenly appear, there is a lot to tell in the manga.

Some of these elements can be found in. again One punch man 155, the new chapter published on Tonari no Young Jump. But let's go in order, beginning with the arrival of Saitama, who finds himself in the middle of the battlefield. Everyone is down now, but Saitama goes straight to Genos and passes Garou as if he didn't exist. In the meantime, Garou himself has regained his human conscience and is wondering what he has done.

ONE However, Flashy Flash's attack will wake the human monsterwhile Platinum Sperm also returns and hits both of them. The trio therefore decides to fight at some tables where their glowing trail reaches the sky at very high speed in a tumult of geometric shapes seen everywhere. Meanwhile, King comes near Saitama and thanks him the hero pays Genos compliments for his improvements.

Meanwhile, the three-way battle continues Garou VS Flashy Flash VS Platinum Sperm who start various attacks, but it is Garou who develops a new technique with which he also wants to kill the gods and uses them against his two opponents. In some vignettes, however, the divine connection between the sky, from which the being who killed the homeless emperor emerged, and the depths of the earth, where the pictogram with a higher being reappears in the temple, is reminded.

But the Finale of One-Punch Man 155 has more surprises in store with the appearance of another monster from the sea that destroys some warships.

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