Even the giants are now facing their own battles. Everyone in Kaidos and Mugiwara's crews took part. They were the protagonists of ONE PIECE so far, however, to report more victories. Will this streak go on?

After Sanji's victory over Queen, one of Kaido's strongest officers passed out. Given that Jack was also hit by Inuarashi, the only magnet left is King the Fire. But Zoro seems to have it found a way to defeat him by having the haki. the Conqueror King unleashed and soak his swords with it.

And in ONE PIECE 1035 they return to their struggle, which resumes after a brief stop. The chapter begins with the start of a new mini-adventure, the escape from Whole Cake Island, with Germa 66 as the protagonist. Then it's your turn Review of Zoro VS King in action, with the two of them destroying Onigashima between old and new attacks. However, Zoro appears to have understood the enemy's secret and its flames by using an opening to injure King.

He then decides to tear off his mask and reveal his face and the specific characters of the Lunaria tribe. All the pirates of the hundred beasts look at him well, Reminder of the greatness of the government, but her words tease Kaido's right arm, which ignites his sword and cremates everyone.

After a brief flashback revealing the past and the first meeting between Kaido and King, we return to the challenge in the sky. Zoro doesn't give up and opts for another attack, with the one in the finale of the ONE PIECE chapter cut off one of the kingside.

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