There were many Names that have always been in My Hero Academia. The spy could have been a professor, a civilian, or even a student, and at last the painful truth emerged. How will Class 1-A react?

Apparently, Toru Hagakure was the spy. Horikoshi has turned this view on its head in a few cartoons, shows how it was Aoyama and his family who actually betrayed Yuei. After the trio has been blocked and made helpless, a new scenario opens up for the protagonists of My Hero Academia.

In chapter 338 of the manga Tsukauchi quickly destroys the dreams of Midoriya and his companions, put a metal gag on Aoyama, preventing him from saying anything while he also prepared to transport him away from school elsewhere. However, the guys at 1-A don't give up on their classmates and suggest relying on him to fool All for One. Given his direct contact, this is their best chance right now to take advantage of the enemy.

Also, Iida doesn't give up, saying that the whole class has a responsibility for not helping her classmate and that they will trust him now. Eraserhead intervenes from afar, talking about Tsukauchi's tablet. After plugging the traitors' ears, the professor explains his plan, but it is not explained.

When Aoyama is taken to the heroes' headquarters, the boys prepare for battle. Deku and Iida decide to go to Hatsume to upgrade their costumes, but a new explosion unleashes a new gag between the protagonist of My Hero Academia and the Vulcan inventor.

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