ONE PIECE: Will Kaido’s anger overwhelm Oden’s men?

The fight for control of Wano comes to an end and in the new chapter of the A PIECE OF Manga The straw hat crew is called in to stop the fearsome pirates of the hundred beasts under Kaido.

In chapter 994 of ONE PIECE, Queen pulled a terrible deadly weapon from its scabbard: a virus with unique properties capable of doing so kill allies and opponents alike. While Luffy and his companions try to stop this nefarious machination, the vassals of Oden fight Kaido on the other side of the battlefield. But the leader of the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts decided to approach the battle in a surprising way.

After Kaido was injured for the first time in a long time, he decided to do it give up his dragon form and return to the man to mock the samurai before him. ""Death completes a person! It is not true? So let's stop it now!"shouts Kaido, who intends to end the fight immediately.

But the vassals of Oden do not want to give up and stuck on the will of their Lord. Which of the two factions will ultimately come out on top and control Wano? While Eiichiro Oda’s manga is reaching the anticipated chapter 1000, the ONE PIECE animated series broadcast by Mediaset is making slow progress.

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