A PIECE 995 after the break: What will Oda prepare for the next chapter in 2 weeks?

Fans could read ONE PIECE chapter 994 where we saw Luffy continue climbing towards Onigashima Dome, but in between The ones who stole the attention were Queen and Yamato.

It was the two who set the pace for much of the chapter. However, before we can see how the situation will play out, we need to remember that ONE PIECE will be on hiatus for a week and the return is scheduled for issue 50 of Weekly Shonen Jump. The magazine will be released in Japan on Monday November 16th, so we can enjoy it ONE PIECE 995 on MangaPlus from Sunday 15th November. But what will happen to Luffy and his staff?

Let's start with the protagonist: By now the rhythm of Eiichiro Oda seems clear and we will probably see that Trio go one more floor into the towercome to the second. This is where they will find new opponents who will try to stop them, but given the situation, it is likely that there will be no one really strong to block them. While Yamato seems certain of the clash with Sasaki, there are still some clashes to be discovered.

But one of the battles that is sure to continue will be against Apoowho currently has the antibodies needed to stop the Queen's plague. And the clash between Kaido and the Foderi Rossi shouldn't be ignored either. In fact, the samurai are now facing the enemy in human form, and the enemy now seems determined to kill him. And this could be the right time to get Kidd, Law, Zoro and X-Drake back into action.

Who do you think will be the protagonist of ONE PIECE 995??

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