The sixth season of My Hero Academy brought about many changes for the entire Hero Society. To respond to the aftermath of the war against villains, all heroes must unite and stand together as a manifestation of One for All, represented by the Quirk inherited from Midoriya and honored in the illustration for the home video edition.

Ahead of the grand season finale, Deku has embarked on a path akin to that of a vigilante, facing danger and threats alone. In fact, the protagonist has understood how much All Might and his companions risk to stay close to him. However, it was precisely the students of 1-A, above all Bakugo, a Return to your friend's side on the battlefieldand to make him understand that he is not destined to fight the villains alone.

In addition to this awareness, Deku now has i on his side Previous owner of the One For All, ready to guide him and give him advice on how to make the most of his respective quirks. The centrality of the relationship established with them was immortalized in him new cover of the home video edition of the sixth seasonas you can see from the post at the bottom of the page.

Depicted in the center, Deku seems determined to use the power of the One For All against any enemy, likely Tomura Shigaraki, while behind him you can see the nine bearers of the Quirk, excluding Toshinori Yagi. Tell us what you think with a comment below. Before we say goodbye, let's remember that the season finale contains an unedited scene that never appeared in Horikoshi's manga, and we leave you with a beautiful cosplay of the heroine Momo Yaoyorozu.

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