As promised, Solo Leveling: Ragnarok made its debut just days after the official announcement. To celebrate the start of the Sequel to Chugong's manhwa which tells the adventure of Sung Su-ho, the son of the original protagonist Sung Jin-woo, a special PV teaser has been released.

On the day of April 10th they were published by Verlag Kakao Publishers Chapter 105 of Solo Leveling: Ragnarokthe official sequel to the manhwa that helped bring Korean comics international recognition.

The Ragnarok's debut was celebrated in the words of author Daul, cartoonist who took over the helm of the series despite major media pressure, and a short promotional film. The cartoonist has stated that he will do his best for the Solo Leveling: Ragnarok story to continue and prove interesting to the public. There PV clips Instead, he spotlighted Sung Su-ho, who gets his powers in his third year at the university. These were sealed to his father when he was a child in hopes that he could lead a normal life. However, the gates open again when a message appears in front of Su-ho, the new player, who is given a series of quests to "level up". We remind you that the anime adaptation of Solo Leveling will arrive later than the release window initially announced.

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