More than twenty years after the debut of the manga series and five years after the debut of the anime series produced by Studio Pierrot, Naruto is still the most famous anime in the world and one of those that is causing more discussion in the fan community. This time it's her female list of work by Masashi Kishimoto.

In its 700 chapters and 720 episodes, Naruto has allowed us to know unforgettable protagonists like Obito and Madara Uchiha, like Pain and Itachi or the same Naruto and Sasuke. These stand out for their memorable writing, capable of conveying strong emotions and binding us to the characters, even if they are antagonists like Zabuza.

However, when it comes to female protagonists, the community struggles to come up with a prominent name. A heated discussion broke out on Twitter. For some users, the Naruto's female list is one of the absolute worst. From Hinata to Karin, through Mizukage Mei and Hokage Tsunade, no one is left out. Sakura is the most targeted by the community, being considered useless to Team 7 and even annoying. Speaking of which, here is a Hane Ame Sakura cosplay.

A piece of However, the fandom does not agree with this controversy and rescues characters of the caliber of the Fifth Hokage or Konan. Other users reboot by giving Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball the title of "worst writing by the female cast".

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