The Granolah saga has evolved into a series of battles focused on fighting Elec and his party. In a moment of calm, the protagonists could relive the battle between Bardock and Gas and then return to the battlefield to face the most powerful of the Heeters with a new spirit and unexpected strategies.

True, continued use of teleportation has conceded one Goku to return to Cereathere by his companions, and to gain a few precious minutes to recover from the fight. Chapter 84 had stopped for the moment Vegeta revealed a unique functionality of the Ultra Egowho appears to be able to turn pain into power. However, the Saiyan Prince seems to have overestimated his physical stamina, and after a heated exchange of blows with Gas in Chapter 85, he falls lifeless from too much exhaustion.

Obviously, Goku immediately tries to intervene and reveals for the first time the evolution of his Ultra Instinct. Thanks to Bardock's teachings while listening to his battle against Gas, the protagonist seems to have grasped the key to his own form of Ultra Instinct: harnessing the essence of the Saiyan spirit. Goku's new form does not involve a hair color change and is based on the full involvement of emotionsi instead of constraining them as in the previous form.

Tell us in the comments what you think of the new transformation that Goku has achieved. Finally, we leave you with the expectations of Chapter 86 of Dragon Ball Super.

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