We all know it very well, that of ONE PIECE is one of the most important franchises ever for what is the anime and manga industry, a boundless epic that between animated productions, paper works, films, video games and much more, has managed to carve out a very rich slice of 'users.

The success of the brand is due both to the many characters who populated this epic adventure, and to the background story that has been told to us, a succession of great events where there was no lack of clashes from the epic pathos to say the least palpable. Among the many phases that characterized the history of our favorite pirate crew, it is impossible not to mention the Marineford saga, where the production has brought an infinite succession of great moments and twists; among these, in particular, it is impossible not to mention the painful departure of Whitebeard.

Well, the famous lowcostcosplay cosplayer has decided to amaze all ONE PIECE fans with a cosplay dedicated to Whitebeard's death. What really amazes, is that the entire cosplay is entirely concentrated on the boy's nose, used to reproduce the wounds reported by the famous pirate, as seen in the images at the bottom of the news. The end result, among other things, appears very faithful in its madness, a job that has been able to earn the praise - and laughter - of many users.

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that our lowcostcosplay had already made headlines thanks to a ONE PIECE themed cosplay dedicated to Ace, however. Furthermore, just recently Oda has made it known that ONE PIECE will face numerous breaks over the next few months.

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