While the ONE PIECE anime is on hiatus due to hacking issues at Toei Animation, the manga is slowly progressing. Creator Eiichiro Oda takes an extra week before Chapter 1044 kicks off, angering fandom. And of course the anticipation is booming on social media.

If you go to Twitter or Tumblr you will see that ONE PIECE sets trends across the board. ONE PIECE chapter 1044 tags have been trending around the world for almost 48 hours. All of this comes well before the manga releases its next chapter on March 27th, and the hype is only going to increase.

After all, Chapter 1043 ended with one of ONE PIECE's biggest teasers. The cliffhanger saw Luffy supposedly returning from near death, and we have to say thank you joy boy. Zunesha has confirmed that the mysterious figure has returned. It seems that some mysteries about Joy Boy's identity and his One hundred years of ONE PIECE's Great Void is revealed in Chapter 1044. And as you can see in the posts below, the network's most frequent visitors are already preparing big theories and plans in view of ONE PIECE's grand return.

Do you have any predictions for this next big chapter of ONE PIECE? Do you like the Wano saga so far? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. We remind you that you can read the last chapters of ONE PIECE on MANGA Plus.

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