Oregairu: the third season of the anime returns in July, it’s official

Oregairu, the anime based on the work of Wataru Watari also known in the West as My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, will return in July 2020 with the third and final season, as revealed a little while ago by the official website of the work. The debut, initially scheduled for April 9, 2020, was postponed due to problems related to the Covid-19 emergency.

The press release, visible in the original language by clicking on the link found at the bottom, does not specify the day of release of the first episode but definitively confirms the summer month as the period for the return of the series. In addition to the announcement, the animation studio apologized to the fans for the delay, also thanking them for their support over the past few weeks.

We remind you that the last season of Oregairu will consist of 12 episodes, which will cover the events narrated by Watari in the last three volumes of the light novel series. Overall, in fact, the two seasons of the anime have so far adapted the first 11 of the 14 volumes available. The reason why the production of the third season proved to be so long-lived is precisely linked to the lack of material, given that the work has definitely ended only on 19 November.

And what do you think of it? Are you happy? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below! Meanwhile, we take this opportunity to remind you that in July the second season of Re: Zero will be released, another anime initially expected for April 2020.

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