One of the most significant moments of Dragon Ball Z It is certainly when we see Trunks of the Future travel back in time to warn the Z-Warriors of the dire threat the androids pose, especially C-17 and C-18, which however is reflected in Goku's timeline and his companions later proved to be important allies.

The arrival of Trunks naturally worried the protagonists, and when Krillin asked the boy if they were really as dangerous and heartless as he had described them, Bulma and Vegeta's son reacted immediately. describes them as real machines of war. Definitely a justified judgment given the events that shaped his timeline but luckily have proven unfounded in the present.

The two androids No. 17 and No. 18 actually only wanted Dr. Get rid of the gelo he had turned these two teenage brothers into machinesand subjected them to numerous experiments. Their only hope was to regain the freedom they had been deprived of, and it is for this reason that # 17 decided to kill their creator. After that event Trunks himself tries to destroy everyone in the cave laboratory by Dr. Gelo, and this is followed by a perfectly understandable reaction from the two characters, a counterattack to defend themselves.

In fact, the C-17 and C-18 were forced to enter the fight against the Z Warriors more than once. that they could easily have been defeated if they had not been killed, especially given Goku's absence during the various clashes. When # 17 and # 16 go to Kame House to face the protagonist, Goku has just recovered and is training in the Spirit and Time Chamber. Though the same turtle genius says the two pose no real threat, Piccolo decides to face them.

From these events in particular, the true nature of the androids, which purposely only used force to kill the man who made them do it, can be seen and it should also be emphasized that # 17 and # 18 will be part of the Z WarriorsShe marries Krillin, while her brother will prove to be a great ally during the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power.

What do you think of this theory? Let us know with a comment below. Recall that Gohan SSJ2 showed his power in a great figure and we will let you find out if Bardak Super Saiyan is canon in the work of Toriyama.

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