The Warner Bros Japan Company announced this Sunday that the series of light novels by Mato Satou and illustrated by Nilitsu, Shokei Shoujo is not a virgin roadwill they have an anime adaptation. A few days ago the information about this new production was leaked. The release date and further details will be announced shortly.


  • Iori Saeki as Menou
  • Moeka Kishimoto as Akari

Mato Satou began publishing the novels through the independent service Shousetsuka ni Narou under the title "Munouryokusha no Tame no Cheat-goroshi: Shoujo wa Kono Sekai from Ikiru Tame, Shudan wo Erabanai Akunin ni Naru Koto wo Kimeta." The work was published in July 2019 on paper with illustrations by Nilitsu via the publisher's label GA Bunko from the publisher SB Creative in July 2019. The publisher will publish the fifth volume on February 10th.

Shokei Shoujo is not a virgin road

Shokei Shoujo not a Virgin Road Synopsis

In this world there are the "wanderers", characters who came from Japan from another world. These "hikers" have been responsible for major disasters in the past. Therefore, at the moment, anyone found must be killed immediately by an "enforcer".

Menou, an enforcer, meets a wanderer girl named Akari, who she immediately murders without hesitation. However, Akari comes back to life. Looking for a way to kill her, he will begin this journey between Akari and Menou. However, in the company of the friendly and always smiling Akari, Menou will begin to change her mind about the hikers. Will this be the beginning of a revolution in lazy world ideology?

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