Throughout the manga Naruto The blonde ninja never surpassed Genin's level only to become a Hokage in the sequel, Boruto. But that's how a fan imagined the appearance of the boy in the role of an expert Jonin.

In the series created by Masashi Kishimoto, the ninja are identified by some ranks with different denominations, from which the following stands out: Genin, Chunin and Jonin. Many readers will remember that after attending the ninja academy, Naruto attained the rank of genin and later took the chunin selection exam. Unfortunately the boy he was not promoted and due to some events that happened later, he took part in several missions and training sessions that prevented him from trying again to claim the title.

After the leap in time and the return to Blattdorf, the protagonist discovered that Many of his colleagues passed the exam and some of them were even able to reach the level of Jonin, already obsessed with characters like Kakashi and other seasoned ninja who are often tasked with coordinating Genin's teams.

To know that Naruto plays the role of in the current story Seventh HokageOne enthusiast wondered what the ninja might have looked like had he reached the rank of Jonin. Through the pictures at the bottom of this message, we discover the looks of the boy who is wearing this typical uniform of the warriors of Konoha while he is engaged in a mission at a time between the story told in the first series of the work and that of the sequel.

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After all, here is Naruto drawn in the style of ONE PIECE and Dragon Ball and a message in which we discover the fate of the first Naruto villain.

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