There are many characters in danger of dying in ONE PIECE in 2023. Eiichiro Oda pits the strongest against each other, risking everything to achieve their goals. But there are those who seem to do so take a lot more risks the other, at least for now.

In fact, we must take into account the events that have unfolded over the past few weeks. In the face of Koby's kidnapping, some members of the Navy have chosen not to stand by idly, one in particular. The SCHWERT has moved and with them there are also the Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp, one of the strongest elements of the organization. Despite his advanced age, he is still a formidable opponent and for this reason he launched a rescue attempt in Hachinosu. Everyone is now looking forward to a fight between Garp and Blackbeard.

Right now, however, Blackbeard is locked in a fight with Trafalgar Law, unless that was done off-screen by Eiichiro Oda. However, the Emperor is not the only threat to Garp, as Hachinosu is home to some of the titanic commanders, very fearsome and powerful pirates. As the fight begins, many wonder: What will be the fate of Monkey D. Garp?? In fact, this scenario is very similar to that of Marineford, albeit with parts reversed, where this time the navy attacks the pirates' hideout to save the protΓ©gΓ© of one of the generals, and not the other way around.

Koby is unlikely to end up like Ace, but the same cannot be said of Garp, who in order to successfully escape his group might also choose to sacrifice himself, perhaps not without removing one of Titanic's commanders and Blackbeard's one having dealt a serious blow to ambitions. Garp will die like Whitebeard? This could create another cathartic moment for the protagonist of ONE PIECE that could only be discovered after completing the games.

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