He's finally back after a few months break. The end of season two seems very far away, and the engaging film has only partially eased the wait. Now, Demon Slayer is back with Season 3, the first episode of which already wowed fans with the introduction of new characters and theDeepening of some already presented.

Douma and Kokushibo were introduced, Mitsuri Kanroji is back, but today we're going to focus on another pillar that hasn't appeared in the Demon Slayer series for a while. Kocho Shinobu is a key character in Demon Slayer, one of the Nine Pillars of the Demon Hunter team led by Ubuyashiki. In fact, she is capable of breaking even powerful demons and is well-versed in experimentation and in synthesizing substances and poisons that bring these creatures down. Her calm and reserved personality along with her beauty and grace is what sets her apart Shinobu a character admired by many fans.

Her unique design, with her purple kimono and butterfly detailing on her shoes and hair accessories, makes her a style icon among the series' characters. So it's no surprise that Shinobu is one of the characters with the most demon slayer cosplays. This is confirmed by Jacky, a girl who wore a white cape with black stripes and pink details, as seen in this photo below. A Kocho Shinobu Cosplay who takes her to his estate, among wisteria and flying butterflies.

One of his colleagues will be the great protagonist: here is a cosplay of Mitsuri Kanroji, the pillar of love.

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