One of Naruto’s most iconic technique is what fans call Talk no Jutsu, a gift from the protagonist who eventually dissuades the antagonists by guiding them down the path of good. The blonde ninja’s words worked on Obito Uchiha, among others, but could they also have worked on Goku Black from Dragon Ball Super?

Naruto and Dragon Ball They are two of the most successful Shonen franchises and because of this, the two fandoms love to share cosplay, fanart and much more about the related works every day. One of the latest memes created brings the two narrative universes each created by Masashi Kishimoto and Akira Toriyamacross.

A fan asked himself on social media if Naruto could have persuaded Black to give up his annihilation with his Talk no Jutsu Goku from mortal beings. The matter soon went viral and caused hilarity across the internet. Did you know Naruto tried to use Talk no Jutsu on Eren from Attack on Titan?

Naruto uses tak no jutsu against some of his most formidable opponents to force them to give up fighting and return them to the path of good. With a series of inspirational words and sharing the purity of his heart, Could Naruto have convinced Goku Black? Fans are sure of the result.

If Naruto tried the Talk no Jutsu on Goku Black, that would Enemy of Dragon Ball Super would have just wiped out Konoha and the entire ninja world. On the other hand, Goku Black/Zamasu’s will is too strong and Naruto has never tried this technique on opponents driven by purely evil intentions. According to others, the Talk no jutsu could have worked since Black owns Goku’s body, whose heart is pure, as is the soul of Zamasu, a Kaioshin. We remind you that even Goku emulates Naruto’s Talk no Jutsu in Dragon Ball Super.

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