One-Punch Man 133: Murata continues to surprise with the clashes of the new chapter

It's been a long time since One-Punch Man 132 was released. In the last chapter, Tatsumaki and Psykos still performed, but the days passed without other releases. Murata recently announced the arrival of One-Punch Man 133.

After the new chapter of One-Punch Man was released on Tonari no Young Jump, the digital magazine it's been running in 2012, Let's look at the content of chapter 133. Warning spoiler from the next paragraph.

Of course, too One-Punch Man 133 is dedicated to the battle between the two psychic warriors. Tatsumaki whirls in the air, dodges attacks and tries to take turns in boards that have been masterfully designed by Yusuke Murata as usual. However, it seems that Tatsumaki is still holding back to allow the area to be evacuated.

With his strength, he manages to create a puppet that draws the attention of the monstrous psykos and thus infiltrates the body, which is now fused with Orochi. The first attacks seem to be working, but while Tatsumaki is using his powers to remove the heroes from the building, Psykos responds to the attack by hitting one of the heroine's hands.

When the green-haired girl tries to answer, she sees herself locked up because of a spear that also pierces her other hand. Psykos' energy attack is about to hit when another blow from below saves her. Genos has also arrived Giving a hand, but not even at maximum strength, can start an important attack by simply deflecting the blows.

Meanwhile, Saitama wrestles with debris and hunger. Will the bald hero save the world of One-Punch Man again or will the other heroes make it alone?

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