Despite the non-canonicity of Super Dragon Ball heroesIt is interesting to note that TOEI Animation brings all the power-ups into play that were never shown in the original anime. Episode 5 of the TV adaptation of the video game of the same name took the opportunity to show the public a new transformation for Trunks.

After we fulfilled the wishes of the fans last month and brought Vegeta Super Saiyan 3 onto the field, it is our turn suitcase reach the same stage. In fact, the son of the Saiyan prince, along with the two different versions of Goku and Vegeta, was the focus of the episode Facing Janembawhose powers have been revived thanks to Fu's influence. But regarding the villain of the franchise's 12th film, did you notice this detail that Janemba of Dragon Ball seems to be decanonizing?

In any case, the time has come to reach the third stage of the Super Saiyan level Xeno Trunks, or this version of the sign that belongs to another dimension. The latter, who wanted to lend a hand to Goku and Vegeta against the formidable opponent, did not hesitate to plunge into the fight and prove that he mastered the last super Saiyan stage, which is now known in the canonical imagination .

And what other shape do you want to see in Super Dragon Ball Heroes instead? Give us your opinion as usual with a comment below.

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